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About Us
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Welcome! We would like to introduce our farm "Vaianino" located among the sweet hills of Gambassi Terme and Volterra in the heart of Val d'Elsa, in Tuscany. Around us wheat fields, woodlands, olive trees and vineyards. The farm has about 200 hectares: wheat, hay, trees and woods. Since 2000 the production of wheat and other cereals, fruits, vegetables, vegetable garden and olive oil is strictly organic, certified by the authorized control organization "Soil and Health Association".

Marzia and Riccardo Bassini
Here are the solar panels that, from April 2011, generate electricity and covering the full electricity needs of farm holidays Vaianino.
The CO2 reduction, carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere is 8 tons per year.
Solar panels of Farmhouse Vaianino

Among our products we remember: the extra-virgin olive oil, characterized by a low
acidity, is the happy result of a harvest manual and immediate cold pressing.

The "fruity" taste is characterized by variety of olives such as: "Frantoio", "Leccino"
"Moraiolo" and "Pendolino".
Bio extra_virgin olive oil of Vaianino farm

That's who lives with us at the farm Vaianino: our sons Gianluca and Annalisa;

Leo cat with other cats and small dog Gea, but also many wild animals such as hawks, wild boars, foxes, deer, pheasants, hares, frogs, crickets, butterflies and many birds.

Gianluca and Annalisa

small dog GEA cat LEO